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(KBHB - Sturgis, SD) The State Department of Transportation says an engineering study of I-90 near where sinkholes have developed in a Black Hawk neighborhood has found no safety issues.


The D.O.T. hired F.M.G. Engineering to do the study, which was conducted in May.


The sinkholes were due to an old gypsum mine located underneath the development. State officials wanted to make sure the old mine wasn't going to be a factor with I-90 running nearby.


The engineering group studied the ground leading from the sinkholes to the Interstate to see if the highway would be affected.


State officials say the study found no voids underneath the Interstate.


The examination was conducted within understood limitations of accessibility to the site along with the depth of exploration, budget and schedule.


Meanwhile, the displaced residents of Hideaway Hills have sued the state, Meade County and the developers for more than 75-million dollars in damages.