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Aberdeen City Council approves resolution encouraging wearing masks in public

The Aberdeen city council voted 5-4 in favor of a resolution Monday night to encourage mask usage while out around town.  The resolution comes after the "Mask Up South Dakota" campaign kicked off a week ago.


The resolution is a compromised position as weeks ago the council had informally discussed the possibility of a mask mandate within the city. 


Councilwoman Tiffany Langer led the charge saying she is fulfilling the request of medical professionals within Aberdeen...




Councilman Alan Johnson disputed the claims that healthcare workers are unified in mask usage...




Councilman Clint Rux voted in favor of the resolution, but tried to remain above much of the disagreement on the effectiveness of the resolution...





Some members of the council including Mayor Travis Schaunaman wanted to pass a watered down resolution about masks.  Councilman Rob Ronayne disagreed with that sentiment...




Voting for the resolution was councilmembers Langer, Lunzman, Remly, Ronayne and Rux.  Voting against the resolution was councilmen Rife, Reinbold, Johnson and mayor Travis Schaunaman.