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Gov. Noem sees masks as a personal freedom issue instead of public health

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem held a press conference Wednesday to talk about COVID-19 in the state and mask usage as North Dakota and Iowa have both issued mask mandates. 


Governor Noem sees the mask issue from a personal freedom lens instead of a public health issue...






Governor Noem was questioned about what seems to be a lack of desire to wear a mask in public or encourage others to do so.  A recent PSA she released made no mention of wearing masks, while encouraging people to social distance and wash hands frequently.  Noem was photographed at the state football championships in Vermillion without a mask on as well, despite them being mandated by the SDHSAA.  


Noem responded to those criticisms...





Noem also went on to reiterate the personal freedom philosophy she has espoused this entire pandemic and says South Dakotan's need to do a better job treating each other with respect...