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The house of  Representatives voted Wednesday afternoon to impeach president Donald Trump for a record second time in a presidency.   The vote went 232 to 197 with 10 Republicans crossing over to vote yes. 


This was the most bipartisan impeachment of a President in history.  South Dakota Representative Dusty Johnson voted no on impeachment.  In a statement he did say President Trump was partially responsible for what happened at the capital last Wednesday.


“Last Wednesday was a tragic event in our country’s history. Those who turned to violence must be held accountable for their actions, although political leaders deserve some blame, as well. That was true as violence rocked our cities last summer, and it is just as true now.


“But, a snap impeachment is the wrong approach. There is only one week remaining in the President’s term. It is an act sure to divide our country, and Democratic leaders are making a mistake pursuing it."


President Trump will leave office next week and Senate Majority  Leader Mitch McConnell released a statement saying he does not plan on reconvening the senate to take up the matter.  Therefore, Trump will finish out his term, but still could be removed even after leaving office.