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The first full week of the legislative session wrapped up in Pierre Thursday.  Bills have been assigned to committees and those committees have begun holding hearings on such matters. 


Leadership from both Democrats and Republicans spoke to the media Thursday with a recap of events.  For the Democrats it speaking were Representatives Jamie Smith of District 15 and senator Reynold Nesiba also of District 15. 


Smith would say issues important to Democrats are being highlighted by the current agenda including cannabis regulations, community service providers support and education. 


Specifically with education, the governor is seeking $50 million to create the state’s first needs based scholarship for secondary education.  According to Nesiba it’s a good start but not enough…





Republican leadership also spoke about a host of issues after the first week.  One big one is regulating marijuana as voters legalized both recreational and medical marijuana in November.  Many are worried the legislature will not listen to the will of the voters as lawmakers have tried to roll back items approved by the voters in the recent past.  That includes the successful repeal of IM22 and the failed attempt to roll back minimum wage increases.


According to Republican house majority whip Michael Diedrich of District 34 it’s the job of the legislature to see the will of the voters carried out…




Lawmakers will return to Pierre next week to continue their work.