Local News

Today, Governor Kristi Noem signed twenty-six bills into law:


  • SB 1 codifies legislation enacted in 2020.
  • SB 2 modifies the duties of the Code Commission.
  • SB 7 permits a government agency to qualify as a victim for purposes of restitution in criminal cases.
  • SB 8 revises various provisions related to banks and trusts.
  • SB 9 revises various provisions related to bank trust departments and trust companies.
  • SB 11 revises provisions regarding highways and bridges.
  • SB 12 updates a reference to the U.S. Board on Geographic Names standards manual.
  • SB 13 revises a statutory cross reference in the written waiver of right to a parole hearing or appearance.
  • SB 14 limits time children in need of supervision are held in detention under certain circumstances.
  • SB 15 revises the voting requirements necessary for the board to grant or deny parole or recommend clemency.
  • SB 16 revises the requirements of setting discretionary parole dates by the board.
  • SB 19 corrects errors in statutory cross-references in certain provisions regarding healthcare.
  • SB 21 revises contracting procedure options for certain highway construction contracts.
  • SB 23 corrects a technical error concerning a cross-reference relating to certain reporting requirements for the building South Dakota programs.
  • SB 25 removes an incorrect cross-reference in provisions regarding elections.
  • SB 26 modifies the type of candidates that may use a joint petition.
  • SB 37 updates certain citations to federal regulations regarding pipeline safety inspections.
  • SB 38 corrects technical errors in and makes stylistic revisions to certain provisions regarding public utilities.
  • SB 67 corrects a cross reference relating to sheriff’s compensation.
  • SB 69 corrects certain provisions with incorrect cross references regarding county road district boundaries.
  • HB 1004 repeals the registration requirement for medical assistants.
  • HB 1005 repeals the emergency medical technician-student status license requirement.
  • HB 1006 revises certain provisions regarding the practice of chiropractic.
  • HB 1012 updates references to certain federal motor carrier regulations.
  • HB 1036 corrects technical errors in certain code cross-references regarding the Department of Game, Fish and Parks.
  • HB 1060 directs certain persons to notify funeral directors of communicable diseases or conditions.