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The Senate State Affairs Committee Wednesday voted to send HB 1217 to the 41st legislative day, killing the bill.  HB 1217 would have prevented a child who is trans from participating in sports that coincides with their gender identity.  This would include both high school and collegiate sports.


Proponents of the legislation say it is an effort to ensure fairness in women’s sports.  Opponents say this is not an issue in South Dakota and policies already in place are working.


The vote was six yeas and three nays to send it to the41st legislative day.  Voting yes was Senators Lee Schoenbeck of Watertown, Senator Kyle Schoenfish of Scotland, Senator Troy Heinert of Mission, Senator Helene Duhamel of Rapid City, Senator Michael Rohl of Aberdeen and Senator Michael Diedrich of Rapid City.  Voting no was senator Casey Crabtree of Madison, Senator Gary Cammack of Union Center and Senator Jim Bolin of Canton. 


Bolin called the bill an important piece of legislation…





The bill’s prime sponsor Rep. Rhonda Milstead defended the bill saying it was not discriminatory…




Senator Schoenbeck who motioned to kill the bill says this is a bad piece of legislation…