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ESPN reports the Washington Redskins will announce plans to change its nickname and logo.  A new nickname and logo has not yet been chosen and will be announced at a later date.  The plan will be to keep using the team's burgundy and gold primary colors and head coach Ron Rivera said the team would like to include something with the military in its new nickname.


The Redskins as a nickname has long been a point of controversy for the team with calls for a change coming year after year.  Team owner Dan Snyder was defiant in his desire to keep the nickname and logo, but with major sponsors announcing plans to no longer do business with the tema and at least Wal-Mart, Nike and Amazon announcing they would no longer carry Redskins products, his hand was forced.


The team originated as the Boston Braves in 1932 before becoming the Boston Redskins.  The team moved from New England to DC in 1937 and began using its current Native American in profile logo in 1979.  It was designed by a Native American.