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In Touch 2/28/24

Dean Berry, Northern State head baseball coach joins us to talk about the upcoming season…

In Touch 2/27/24

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Morgan Bauer’s mother releases statement following conviction of Jonathan Alexander Warren

Sherri Kennan, the mother of Morgan Bauer, has released a statement following the sentencing of Jonathan Alexander Warren to life in prison. Morgan Bauer was a one time Aberdeen resident who was murdered by Warren and an accomplice shortly after relocating to the Atlanta area at 19 years old. In the statement Kennan thanks law enforcement and those who supported her and her family while searching for Morgan. She goes on to reveal the “items of evidentiary interest” that police cited for picking up the search in August of 2023 where Bauer’s remains. Keenan says Bauer’s remains will be returned to South Dakota once the state of Georgia has concluded its investigation.

The full statement reads as follows courtesy of Dakota News Now:
“Thank you for your patience as it has taken me and the the rest of Morgan’s family time to process not only what has happened in the past several days, but the past 6 months and nearly 8 years.

Even beginning this statement is difficult. I want to first thank @everyone for your thoughts, prayers, and well wishes. We are so blessed that so many people have been touched by the life of Morgan Bauer.

On January 10, 2024, Jonathan Alexander Warren, at his second arraignment hearing, fought for a speedy trial requesting the death penalty. As this was not an option, he was given at his request, life without parole and is now said to be seeking “atonement”.

We are grateful we did not have to go through a trial, and that he instead chose to take responsibility for his actions. I will say the words “justice” and “peace” now hold new meaning for us all.

We were given the opportunity without preparation to give victims impact statements. To be fair, no one was prepared for what was to happen in court that morning and throughout the day. When it was time, I wanted to speak last. Her grandmother, Janet spoke second and Matt’s wife, Morgan’s stepmother, Leah spoke first. She spoke eloquently and beautifully. She spoke for Morgan’s father and her Grandparents Lon and Cindy who were present via video conference. They could not find the words. I want to conclude this message with Leah’s statement, as she truly could have spoken for us all.

As for what I said, I spoke openly, believing I would have the right words as I’d gone over this one thousand times in my mind while praying from my heart. I was asked to share what I’d gone through and all I could remember were the wonderful people that I met along the way. I spoke of others creating in and from their lives something that has value and meaning… and that Morgan’s life had value and had meaning. Most of what I said was a blur to be honest. I do remember the moment I looked in the judge’s eyes and asked for the same punishment that I have received and that Morgan had received, which is “Life”. For me this was very twofold. I would never have asked for death and I still took a man’s life with my words. On a spiritual level, I find no peace in this. My heart is broken. I know we all can agree, there can be no justice.

With that said, I want to thank Kasey Mcclure for attending and being so compassionate, caring, and supportive. I want to thank the Newton County District Attorney’s Office, most of whom were present in the courtroom and the City of Porterdale Police Department, specifically Lieutenant Randy Downs, who is my personal hero, for being so open in communicating and so honest with the details of this case. Out of concern and courtesy, they have shared what they could with me. They are truly a parent’s worst nightmare. These details are confidential and must remain as such as there is still an ongoing investigation for Katelyn Goble. To be honest we have spoken and barring what may be said in her hearing, we may never share all the details. Trust works both ways. Out of respect, I need to pray on this and when it’s time, decide what to share as this is not my story, it is Morgan’s. I will say, Morgan’s death will not triumph over the love she created in her life.

What I can confirm is the “items of evidentiary interest” found during the search in August were the remains of my daughter, Morgan Aryn Bauer. It is with my deepest sympathy, I must tell you that Morgan passed away on February 26, 2016. My heart goes out to you, to all her family and friends. I am so sorry. When the hearings are over and the State has concluded their investigation, I will be bringing Morgan home to South Dakota. We will share more details regarding that when the time comes.

In the meantime, please continue to pray for us. Share other’s missing person’s post here, It matters. Again, I do ask that you respect our privacy and to remember that we are grieving beyond measure. With that, I leave you with these words:

“My name is Leah.  I am Morgan’s stepmom.  I came into Morgan’s life in 2010.  Morgan was just starting her freshman year of high school.  Morgan was like any other girl at that age.  Our relationship grew, and, as with any teenager, sometimes it was great, other times it was rocky at best.  I laughed with her, hugged her, dried her tears, cried with her, and celebrated her. I loved her.  She had a great relationship with my kids and my family.  She wasn’t always perfect, children seldom are…and nothing is perfect in a blended family, but we had some really great moments.

I had been in Morgan’s life for 6.5 years before she went missing.  She has now been missing longer than I got to be with her.  She was the only daughter I will ever have.  The only sister our boys will ever have.  When kids grow up, they lose touch with their parents at times, and then grow closer as they mature and realize that their parents aren’t as dumb as they once thought they were.  We don’t get to do that with Morgan. Everything that was taken from Morgan, was taken from us.  We don’t get the opportunity to see her do anything that kids do when they grow up.  She will never get married.  Her dad will never walk her down the aisle.  She will never have children; she will never have our grandchildren.  Her brothers will never have an adult relationship with her. The horrific things that were confessed to and turned up in the investigation are all we have left, and are things that NO parent should EVER have to hear.”



In Touch 2/28/24

Dean Berry, Northern State head baseball coach joins us to talk about the upcoming season…