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In Touch

In Touch 12/07/22

Gail Oaks from the Aberdeen Chamber joins us to talk about “Christmas With the Chamber” and more…

In Touch 12/06/23

Patricia Kendall from the Dacotah Prairie Museum join us to talk about upcoming events…

Naig pleased with HPAI response efforts

Naig pleased with HPAI response efforts

Iowa Ag Secretary Mike Naig says the state hasn’t had a positive case of highly pathogenic avian influenza since early May.

“We will be able to lift the last quarantine on one of our commercial sites here in the next couple of weeks,” Naig said. “Remember, this started at the beginning of March.”

He tells Brownfield this year’s HPAI response was more efficient than the outbreak in 2015. “There’s really two things I would give credit to,” Naig said.


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