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In Touch 9/25/23

Kathrine from the Aberdeen Convention and Visitors Bureau join us to talk about this week’s “Pup Crawl”…

In Touch 9/20/23

Scott Waltman with the Aberdeen Curling Club joins us to talk about the upcoming Aberdeen Learn to Curl…

North Dakota judge says state’s abortion “trigger law” will not take effect Thursday July 28

A North Dakota Judge has put a hold on North Dakota’s trigger law, outlawing abortion, pending the results of a lawsuit arguing a ban on abortion violates the state’s constitution. The trigger law was set to take effect today. Judge Bruce Romanick, ruled Wednesday in regards to the lawsuit brought by the state’s only abortion clinic, the Red River Women’s Clinic in Fargo. The clinic argues the state’s constitution’s rights to life, liberty, safety and happiness, protects a women’s right to an abortion. Courts in North Dakota have ruled both for and against this argument in the past.