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In Touch 7/22/24

The folks from the upcoming Groton “Sip and Shop” join us to talk about the event…

In Touch 7/19/24

Wayne Sorrentino with the 40/8 join us to talk about an upcoming event in Aberdeen and more…

Republicans now double Democrats in SD registered voters, independents narrowly behind Democrats

According to data released by the South Dakota Secretary of State’s office, registered Republican voters now double the number of registered Democrats for the first time in recent history. According to the August 1st voter registration data, there are currently 303,460 registered Republican voters, 150,918 registered Democrats and just behind Democrats are independents at 150,109. There are 2,249 registered Libertarians and 1,412 registered as other party. That makes Republicans 49.85 percent of South Dakota’s electorate, Democrats 24.78 percent and independents make up 24.65 percent. South Dakota Democrat registrations have fallen by 5.07 percent over the last four years while Republicans have grown 16.15 percent over the past four years.



In Touch 7/23/24

The folks from Casa or Court Appointed Children’s Advocate join us to talk about the organization’s needs…