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In Touch

In Touch 9/20/23

Scott Waltman with the Aberdeen Curling Club joins us to talk about the upcoming Aberdeen Learn to Curl…

In Touch 9/19/23

Patricia Kendall from the Dacotah Prairie Museum joins us to talk about the upcoming “Harvest Stroll”…

SAG-AFTRA announces strike

Not only does the Writers Guild of America or WGA strike carry on, but now the actors are setting up to go on strike also in an act of solidarity. Sag-Aftra or the Screen Actors guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, a union representing 160,000 Hollywood actors voted to go on strike Thursday after negotiations between the WGA and the major networks fell apart. This is the first time SAG-AFTRA has gone on strike since the 1980s and could bring production of movies and television to a stand still.