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In Touch 2/20/24

Leona Pitz with Mina Lake Celebrations joins us to talk about the upcoming Mina Lake casino night…

In Touch 2/19/24

Brian Schultz with the Aberdeen Community Theater join us to talk about the upcoming production “The Friendly Hour”…

Senator Thune talks politics at Sioux Falls Downtown Rotary

South Dakota Senator John Thune spoke at the Sioux Falls Downtown Rotary meeting last Friday and touched on a host of issues.

The first issue brought up was the US Supreme court and potential ethics violations, specifically by Justice Clarence Thomas. It has come to light Thomas has failed to report years of financial gifts by a billionaire donor Harlan Crow.

Senator Thune says it is not the roll of congress to police the court’s ethics and most of this is attacks from the political left…

Senator Thune then spoke about gun safety issues in the wake of another mass shooting in Texas that left eight dead, including three children.

Senator Thune feels action should be taken on a state level due to the second amendment of the US Constitution…

Finally, Senator Thune talked foreign policy and the US’s rivalry with the Chinese.

Senator Thune brought up the Trans Pacific Partnership brokered under the Obama Administration as a model for combating China aggression…