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In Touch 6/09/23

Author Karen McNeil joins us to talk about her latest book “The Wine Bible” available now…

In Touch 6/08/23

Rick Kline with the Aberdeen Catholic School system joins us to talk about everything going on at the Catholic School system this month…

South Dakota first responders announce support for Amendment D

(Press Release) South Dakota’s first responders are joining the campaign to expand Medicaid in the state with their support of Constitutional Amendment D.

The South Dakota EMS Association and the South Dakota Firefighters Association, who represent first responders in South Dakota have endorsed Medicaid expansion efforts in the state to strengthen rural healthcare and rural economies.

Without Medicaid expansion, rural hospitals and first responders work hard to keep their doors open and communities are struggling to recruit and keep good healthcare providers, making it harder for residents to access the care they need. Rural areas need Medicaid expansion to make it more likely that people will have a hospital and healthcare providers in their community they can trust. It also means rural residents will have more local options for care, which reduces the need to drive long distances to reach facilities and see providers and specialists in bigger cities.

Medicaid expansion will make our families healthier and our economy stronger. It delivers affordable healthcare for those working hard at jobs that don’t offer insurance and brings our tax dollars home to create jobs, keep rural hospitals open and grow our economy.