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In Touch 9/20/23

Scott Waltman with the Aberdeen Curling Club joins us to talk about the upcoming Aberdeen Learn to Curl…

In Touch 9/19/23

Patricia Kendall from the Dacotah Prairie Museum joins us to talk about the upcoming “Harvest Stroll”…

State Bar Association disciplinary board seeks punishment from State Supreme Court against Jason Ravnsborg

The South Dakota State Bar Association’s disciplinary board has asked the South Dakota Supreme Court to punish former Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg. The board has asked the state’s top court to suspend Ravnsborg’s law license for a period of two years. Ravnsborg became the first statewide elected official in South Dakota’s history to be impeached by the state House of Representatives and removed from office by the State Senate last year. The impeachment and removal from office revolved around Ravnsborg accidentally hitting and killing pedestrian Joe Boever near Highmore in 2019. The board asked the Supreme Court to retroactively suspend Ravnsborg’s license meaning it would have taken effect June 21st, 2022 the date he was removed from office. Ravnsborg has challenged the request meaning more testimony and findings will be presented before the court makes its decision. Ranvsobrg has not practice law since his removal from office.