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In Touch 9/30/22

Lori Lynn joins us from overallbuddies.com to talk about “raising a reader”…

In Touch 9/29/22

Actress Jill Hennessy joins us to talk about her Showtime show “City on a Hill” and more…

“Supremacy 2022” announces fight card

Dakota Broadcasting is partnering with “Fight Card Entertainment” to bring listeners a Mixed Martial Arts event Sunday September 4th.

“Supremacy 2022” is a pay-per-view event. Tickets can be purchased by following this link.

Enter code “Shark” at checkout and receive a five dollar discount.

The fight card now includes:
170 lbs Welterweight – Ali Radwan vs. Seijo James Imazaki
170 lbs. Welterweight – Dustin Parrish vs. Terry House
170 lbs. Welterweight – Angelo Rivera Jr. vs. Jeffery Wright
155 lbs. Lightweight – Tone Noel vs. Lucas Martino
155 lbs. Lightweight – Justin Loverich vs. Christopher Figueroa

165 lbs. Super Lightweight – Vince Zofkie Super vs. Mike Lock
155 lbs. Lightweight – Mason Young vs. Bilimbek Almamatov
145 lbs. Featherweight – Felix Galvan vs. John Brown
135 lbs. Bantamweight – Trammell Arrington vs.Tynchtyk Mamasadykov
125 lbs. Flyweight – Rami Sharabi vs. Dominic Heath