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Denise Clemens, Grade: 9-12, Science , Northwestern

From bouncing a basketball, to smashing atoms, there are no limits when it comes to Mrs. Clemens. Throughout her career as a high school instructor, Denise has been exemplary in her involvement in countless activities. Not only does she instruct 6 different high school courses, but she coaches high school and junior high girls basketball, leads the FCA organization, and heads the school robotics team who qualified for National BEST in Denver Colorado this year. Additionally, over the past decade, she has been the spearhead in the numerous international qualifiers for the high school science fair competition. Among these qualifiers and fellow science fair students, she has instilled a deep passion for success and knowledge that has carried several pupils into their careers. Among the numerous organizations at Northwestern, the FFA program attests a huge attribute to NW's science administrator. Mrs. Clemens has been a vital inspiration in the huge success that Northwetsern students have accomplished at the national FFA agriscience fair competition. Overall, no matter what a student is interested in, Mrs. Clemens is always one any student can be sure to look up to.

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