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Jenna Grosenbutg, Grade: 5tt, All, OM Tiffany

Ms Grossenburg is an amazing teacher. Prior to my daughters 5th grade year she hated school. Every day after school I would ask “what was the best part of your day” my other children would say something like “at lunch we did abc and during class it was xyz. But not my 5th grader. Her response everyday for the past few years was “leaving school” . About half way through her school year her answers started to be about school, “mom guess what I learned in science? Did you know that.....”
Ms Grossenburg brought a love of school and learning to my daughter, I saw such a difference in her demeanor at home as well. From a girl that hated school to on her last day there were tears because she didn’t want school to end.
Ms Grossenburg is an amazing teacher and she definitely made a difference in my daughters life.

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