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Malissa Fagerland, Grade: 2nd grade, 2nd grade, Langford Area Elementary

We have several truly dedicated teachers here at Langford Area but I would like to nominate our 2nd grade teacher, Malissa Fagerland.
She is everything you want in a elementary teacher. She’s firm but fair; fun but serious; but always putting the needs of her students first. Mrs. Fagerland’s caring attitude for her students rubs off on her students as they learn to care for one another and other students at our school.

Since last spring when we closed our school because of the COVID pandemic, Mrs. Fagerland, like many teachers has put in numerous hours designing remote online lessons for her students. Unlike other teachers, she currently teaches 15 students in person and has one student who receives his instruction online from her. Malissa takes on the challenges of remote online learning with a great “can do” attitude.

Teaching reading is one of the major goals in the second grade and Mrs. Fagerland involves the entire school in helping her. She has set up times in school staff members schedules for her students to come and read to the administration, secretaries, janitors and cooks. The students are so proud to read to someone other than their teacher or parent.

In summary, Mrs. Fagerland is the kind of teacher every administrator wants on their staff. She is enthusiastic, warm, friendly but also expects much from her students and they want to achieve for her. She keeps a journal during the year where she writes notes about her students’ progress and cute things they have said to her. She presents this journal to parents at the end of the year reading party and there is crying and laughing by both the teacher and the parents.

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