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In Touch

In Touch 4/19/24

The folks from Northern State join us to talk about the upcoming “Bourbon and Brews” event…

In Touch 4/18/24

Gene Morsching from the Aberdeen Community Concert series joins us to talk about the upcoming “Big Band” show and more…

Threats made against Chamberlain High School turns out to be a hoax

(KMIT – Mitchell, SD) A threat against Chamberlain High School turned out to be a hoax this morning.  According to social media posts from Chamberlain Superintendent Justin Zajic (zites), at around 6:45, Chamberlain School District officials were made aware of a vague threat against “CHS” via Snapchat.  As a result of the threat, school officials asked for police presence at the school.  The Chamberlain Police Department and Brule County Sheriff’s Office took quick action in locating the source of the threat.  It was found that the message originated from an individual who was not in the school district.  Further investigation found that the media used in the message is from an incident in New Mexico in 2018.  School districts across the Midwest with “CHS” as their acronyms have experienced similar situations this week with many schools canceling classes.