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In Touch

In Touch 9/25/23

Kathrine from the Aberdeen Convention and Visitors Bureau join us to talk about this week’s “Pup Crawl”…

Two Aberdeen Central students receive principle nominations to service academies

South Dakota Senator Mike Rounds visited Aberdeen Central Wednesday to present two students with principle nominations to two of the nation’s service academies. These two students were picked out of at least 10,000 applicants seeking to attend the nation’s service academies and will receive a full scholarship with this nomination.

Every United States Senator gets to give three principle nominations each year, one to the Army, Navy and Air Force. Being selected from Aberdeen included Ethan Fergel and Dustin Hermansen. Ethan will receive a full ride scholarship to the Army Academy at West Point while Dustin will receive a full ride to the Air Force Academy.

Senator Rounds called it a very special day…

Ethan talked about why he wants to attend West Point…

Dustin the same with the Air Force…

Ethan Fergel (left) Dustin Hermansen (right)