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In Touch 7/15/24

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In Touch 7/12/24

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Watertown man sentenced in federal embezzlement case

(KXLG – Watertown, SD) The federal embezzlement case against Reva Plunkett, 37, of Watertown, SD, came to a close today as she was sentenced to 94 months in federal prison without parole, after which Plunkett will have three years of supervised release with several stipulations to adhere to, and to pay back restitution of over $686,000.

U.S. District Court District of South Dakota Honorable Judge Charles B. Kornmann presided over the case. Judge Kornmann said in his 28 years, this is a “very tragic case,” and he has judged many “white collar crimes,” but this case is “so callous and outrageous.”

The court documents presented thirteen counts of fraud as Plunkett wrote checks to herself out of businesses Doug’s Anchor Marine and Brotherhood Arms bank accounts. Each count has a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison, a $250,000 fine, or both; three years supervised release, restitution, and two years upon revocation.

The Judge referenced a letter from Owner and Father-In-Law Doug Root about 64 checks in the last five years alone. Judge Kornmann then said he’s seen a lot of fraud cases, but this is “off the charts, never seen or heard of a case like this.”

Plunkett’s spouse and Manager of Brotherhood Arms, Dominic Plunkett, was said to not know about the fraud, called “willful ignorance” by Judge Kornmann.

Several checks were said to have been written over the seven years, and the prosecution said “100s of checks.”

Plunkett agreed to restitution in the plea agreement, and the defense lawyer stated her sister and brother-in-law have employment they can offer her. Over $592,000 will be paid to Doug’s Anchor Marine and over $92,000 to Brotherhood Arms. The Judge imposed no fine.

Although Judge Kornmann said the crime is “far off the charts” and “over a category six,” he felt 20 years was excessive in this case, as was requested in a letter from the victim. He explains the federal category guidelines, including Criminal History Categories 1 – 6 and up to 43 Offense Levels. It was placed as a category 6 with an offense level of 23, including “taking away acceptance of responsibility,” and other factors determined the sentence.

Plunkett was immediately placed in the custody of the U.S. Marshalls.



In Touch 7/18/24

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In Touch 7/17/24

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