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In Touch 4/24/24

Gene Morsching from Aberdeen Parks and Rec joins us to talk about the upcoming summer registration event…

In Touch 4/23/24

The folks from the United Way “Day of Champions” join us to talk about the upcoming event…

Weather extremes impact alfalfa in southern Minnesota

Weather extremes are impacting alfalfa hay in southern Minnesota.

Farm management analyst Kent Thiesse says April and May were cold and wet, while June was hot and dry.

“The volume of the hay was very good in many areas I think because when you get wetter weather like that, and I think the first cutting was probably a little later than normal because of the cool weather in May. But then when it warmed up in June I think it was a challenge in some areas, especially in early June, getting the crop harvested.”

He tells Brownfield the heat and dryness hurt recovery in second crop hay.


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