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In Touch

In Touch 12/07/22

Gail Oaks from the Aberdeen Chamber joins us to talk about “Christmas With the Chamber” and more…

In Touch 12/06/23

Patricia Kendall from the Dacotah Prairie Museum join us to talk about upcoming events…

“Wild Bill” Hickok revolver set to go to auction in August

A piece of “Wild Bill” Hickcok history is set to come up for auction in August. Wild Bill is a legendary lawman of the American West, who went to Deadwood during the gold rush of 1876. He was killed in a saloon and buried in the historic town. Nearly 146 years after his death, the gun many historians agree he had on his person at the time of his murder will be up for auction starting August 26th. The Rock Island Auction company announced the Smith and Wesson Model no. 2 Army revolver will be up for auction and is expected to go for anywhere between $150,000 to $350,000.