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105.5 Maverick FM


Weekday Lineup

Weekday Lineup

6:01 – Radio Iowa
6:05 – Brownfield Dairy Report
6:20 – Sports
6:37 – Local News Headlines
6:45 – Tips for Today’s Homeowner
6:55 – Birthday & Anniversary Calendar
7:02 – Local News
7:19 – Funeral Announcements
7:24 – Brownfield Morning Livestock Report
7:30 – Sports
7:40 – School Days Program (during school year)
7:45 – Pet Patrol
8:02 – Local News
8:12 – Funeral Announcements
8:20 – Swap Shop
8:45 – The Daily Grind
9:05 – Birthday & Anniversary Calendar
9:08 – Markets
9:31 – Brownfield Opening Market Update
10:02 – Markets
11:02 – Markets
11:40 – Local News Headlines
12:03 – Local News
12:15 – Funeral Announcements
12:25 – Sports
12:35 – Brownfield Mid-Day Market Reports
12:41 – Managing For Profit
12:45 – O’Reilly Report
1:15 – Brownfield Farm Break
2:02 – Brownfield Commodity Closing Report
5:05 – Local News
5:16 – Funeral Announcements
5:20 – Sports
5:30 – Brownfield Commodity Settlement
5:36 – Pet Patrol
5:38 – Tips for Today’s Homeowner

Saturday Lineup

Saturday Lineup

6:20 – Fox Sports
6:31 – Brownfield Weekend Market Update
7:02 – Local News
7:19 – Funeral Announcements
7:22 – Sports
7:40 – School Days Program (during school year)
8:02 – Local News
8:19 – Funeral Announcements
9:02 – Coffee with the Coaches (Fall & Winter)
10:02 – Capital Comments (during regular Iowa Legislative session)
11:30 – Sioux County Extension Report
12:03 – Local News
12:15 – Funeral Announcements
12:20 – Sports
2:30 – Fox Sports
3:30 – Fox Sports
4:30 – Fox Sports
5:30 – Fox Sports
6:30 – Fox Sports

Sunday Lineup

Sunday Lineup

7:02 – Funeral Announcements
8:02 – Funeral Announcements
9:00 – Grace Community Church
9:30 – First Reformed Church of Orange City
10:30 – Worship Music
11:00 – Central Reformed Church of Sioux Center
12:02 – Local News
12:17 – Funeral Announcements
12:20 – Sports
12:30 – Amistad Cristiana
1:00 – Precious Memories
5:30 – First Reformed Church of Orange City
6:30 – Precious Memories
8:00 – Regular Programming

About 105.5 Maverick

105.5 Maverick FM is country with a KICK! It’s a 100,000-watt station that is a carefully blended mix of great country music, spanning everything from 90’s classics to the newest chart-toppers and everything in between. We’ll also toss in some Red Dirt Country to keep everyone tuned in 24/7. With our wide range of country music, 105.5 Maverick FM targets the 18-34 age bracket, as well as 25-54-year-olds.

Maverick FM followed its sister station and streams 24/7 at dakotabroadcasting.com. It also utilizes the RDS scrolling song title technology.

Maverick FM keeps all area farmers up to date with over 85 minutes a week of farm and ranch news from the Red River Farm Network, area sale barns and other ag producers.

Maverick FM is also proud to carry many area high school sports.

105.5 Maverick Personalities

Lucas Quail

Operations Manager / Maverick Morning Show Host - 105.5 Maverick FM

I grew up near White, SD and have been interested in radio since my time as a 4-H member when the club got to “takeover” the local station for a day once a year. I attended both USD in Vermillion and SDSU in Brookings before graduating from SDSU in 2013. I was lucky enough to be involved in University radio at both KAOR at USD and KSDJ in Brookings, hosting late-night music shows. I moved to Aberdeen from Sioux Falls where I gained radio experience working on both music and news/talk stations.  When I get the chance, I enjoy spending time discovering new music and watching Twins and Vikings games. You can hear me mornings on 105.5 FM or doing play-by-play and color commentary during local sports seasons. 

Adam St. Paul

Information Director

I am the information director at Dakota Broadcasting, covering news and sports while providing play-by-play and color commentary. I am from the small town of Wheaton, Minnesota, which is located on the way western side of the state, right next to North and South Dakota. I have wanted to work in radio since I was in high school and got my first experience doing the Wheaton High School news on a local radio station. I went to college at North Dakota State in Fargo where I graduated with a degree in broadcast journalism. I was the news director at the campus radio station KNDS for two years and was heavily involved in sports while I was there as well. I came to Aberdeen from O’Neill, Nebraska, the official Irish Capital of Nebraska, where I was the sports director for KBRX radio. I’ve enjoyed my time here in Aberdeen mostly because the people in the community have made me feel so at home. You can hear me every morning on both our morning shows providing both news and sports. You will also hear me doing play-by-play and color commentary for local sports when the season gets going again.