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SD Board of Regents authorizes Northern State to create nursing program

The South Dakota Board of Regents authorized the expansion of nursing education in northeast South Dakota to help address the critical shortage of healthcare workers. The program will increase the number of nurses in the state and provide more opportunities for students enrolled at Northern State University (NSU).

“Rural areas of South Dakota help drive our economy and we recognize the importance of providing quality healthcare in those communities for the continued growth of our state,” said Board of Regent President Tim Rave. “Expanding this program is another opportunity for our public universities to help fill this essential workforce need.”

Northern State University’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) will provide students with the knowledge, skills, and disposition to enter a registered nursing practice. Northern’s BSN program readies students through foundational courses taught by faculty in allied health and the liberal arts with educational and clinical courses taught by nursing faculty.

In northeastern South Dakota, the closure of Presentation College earlier this year has significantly impacted the availability of nurses. This region is already experiencing a shortage of nurses. NSU will offer an expanded Nursing Program to address this issue with courses that can be taken on-campus or through HyFlex delivery. This program aims to provide a robust nursing program that can meet the current and ongoing needs of the region.

“The board commends Governor Noem for her emphasis on filling workforce needs in our state, and we are happy to partner with her in this mission,” said Rave. “As the governing body for higher education, we recognize our responsibility to offer affordable and accessible programs that cater to the needs of South Dakota.”

Graduates of Northern’s BSN will be able to practice as generalists who can provide safe and effective patient-centered nursing care. The program also specializes in telehealth and gerontology, preparing students to engage in healthcare effectively.