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In Touch 7/19/24

Wayne Sorrentino with the 40/8 join us to talk about an upcoming event in Aberdeen and more…

In Touch 7/15/24

The folks from Make-A-Wish South Dakota join us to talk about the upcoming poker run fundraiser…

Trio of carbon pipeline-related compromises pass out of the house Wednesday

(South Dakota Broadcasters Association) A trio of carbon pipeline-related compromise bills pass the House this afternoon (Wednesday). 

SB201 passed 39 to 31, HB1185 passed 42 to 28, and HB1186 passed 41 to 29.

The debate on the bills was often emotional and pointed at the other side.

SB201 still gives local governments some say over setbacks of lines, but the PUC would have the ultimate say.

HB1185 provides for a $500 fee to landowners when a pipeline of any type wants to perform a survey on property. 

HB1186 caps easements for carbon pipelines at 99 years, withdraws the easement if construction doesn’t begin five years after construction or there is a five-year gap in the use of the pipeline. These are part of a so-called “landowner’s bill of rights” enshrined in the bill. 

Republican House Majority Leader Will Mortenson of Fort Pierre on SB201. 

Some opponents took offense to that statement.

In debate on HB1186, Republican Rep. Liz May from Kyle wondered about the length of easements for carbon pipelines and the impact on free enterprise. 

Bills supporter, Republican Rep. Roger Chase of Huron.

Bills opponent, Republican Rep. Karla Lems from Canton stated her reasons for opposition.

As of 1:45 p.m., the Senate had not adopted the conference committee reports for the three bills.

Republican Speaker of the House Hugh Bartels of Watertown said the House would take no more votes today. HB1257 on minors and access to online pornography and HB1140 on local governments vetoing local initiated petitions that they believe are illegal or unconstitutional do not yet have conference committee reports.

Tomorrow (Thursday) is the 37th day of the 38-day session, the last day of the main run of the legislative session. Also, on the calendar tomorrow will be consideration of the multi-billion dollar state general appropriation bill. 



In Touch 7/19/24

Wayne Sorrentino with the 40/8 join us to talk about an upcoming event in Aberdeen and more…