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In Touch 8/17/22

Envoys Joel and Ramona Arthur join us to talk about taking over the northeast South Dakota Salvation Army…

In Touch 8/16/22

Jeff Wolf with Brown County Farm Bureau join us to talk about activities at the Brown County Fair…

Democrat Gubernatorial candidate Jamie Smith holds press conference to discuss bills his caucus would have brought forward in special session

Democrat gubernatorial candidate Jamie Smith held a press conference Monday to discuss legislation Democrats wanted to bring forward in the event of a special session of the legislature to discuss abortion and other women’s issues in the wake of Roe vs. Wade being overturned.

Governor Kristi Noem had called for a special session to discuss abortion issues, but in the end she along with Republican leadership in the legislature agreed it was not necessary.

According to candidate Smith, Democrats put forward seven, what he called bipartisan bills, that included allowing abortion in the case of rape or incest, provide property tax relief for child care providers, establish an early learning advisory council, establish informed consent for pregnant minors, expand Medicaid coverage for pregnant mothers, provide continuous funding for domestic violence support and rehabilitation and provide property tax exemptions for foster care providers.

The list of bills can be read by following this link.