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In Touch

In Touch 1/26/23

Becky Guffin from the Aberdeen Public School District joins us to talk about everything going on at the public school district this month…

In Touch 1/25/23

Alexa Sheldon, the new director of the Aberdeen Downtown Association joins us to talk about the association…

Farmer’s Almanac predicts cold and snowy winter

(KMIT – Mitchell, SD) The 2023 Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a cold and snowy winter for much of the Northern Plains.  Associate Editor Tim Goodwin says South Dakota is right in the heart of it.

He says the cold and snow should be here by Thanksgiving this year.

Goodwin says the Almanac has had an 80 percent accuracy rate over the years.  The Almanac is available at www.farmersalmanac.com.