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In Touch 9/25/23

Kathrine from the Aberdeen Convention and Visitors Bureau join us to talk about this week’s “Pup Crawl”…

House committee approves constitutional amendment to allow the state to implement able-bodied requirement to receive medicaid

(South Dakota Broadcasters Association) A South Dakota House committee approves a proposed constitutional amendment allowing the state to implement an “able-bodied” requirement for Medicaid recipients this morning (Monday).

The 2022 state constitutional amendment that expands Medicaid coverage for indigent South Dakotans hasn’t been implemented yet. 

The S.D. Department of Health is currently writing the rules and hiring staff to implement the expansion.

The new amendment would allow the state to add an “able-bodied” requirement.

House Joint Resolution 5004 sponsor, Republican Rep. Tony Venhuizen of Sioux Falls, says the measure allows–not requires–the state to implement a work requirement.

However, Sister Lynn Marie Welbig of the Presentation Sisters says backers of the new constitutional amendment intend to add a work requirement eventually.

The proposed constitutional amendment passed 11 to 2 on a party-line vote.

It now goes to the House.