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In Touch

In Touch 8/05/22

Nick from the Yapatorium in Aberdeen joins us to talk about the “Hub City Hodown” and more…

In Touch 8/04/22

Justin Fraase from Northern State University joins us to talk about everything going on at Norther and beyond this month…

Joe Donnell of Sisseton selected to fill vacant republican spot on District 1 House ticket

The County Republican Central Committees comprising District 1 has selected Joe Donnell to fill a vacant spot left on the ballot by Logan Manhart. Manhart was seeking a seat in the state legislature representing district 1, but withdrew his candidacy after a challenge was brought forth he did not meet the state’s two year residency requirement to hold a seat in the legislature. Donnell is a Republican from Sisseton who lost the district 1 state senate Republican primary to incumbent Michael Rohl 71-29 in June.