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In Touch 5/16/24

Alexa Sheldon joins us to talk about the upcoming Downtown Aberdeen Wine Walk…

In Touch 5/15/24

District 1 Republican primary candidate Chris Reder joins us to talk about his campaign for district 1 State House…

San Jose Sharks win draft lottery, Wild will pick 13th

The NHL held its draft lottery Tuesday night and now the first 16 picks are known in order. The San Jose Sharks entered the lottery with the best odds at the top overall pick, 25.5 percent and they came away with #1 overall. Behind them in order include the Chicago Black Hawks, Anaheim Ducks, Columbus Blue Jackets and Montreal Canadiens rounding off the top five. In fact all 16 picks ended up slotted where their record would dictate. No one improved or lessened their pick position. The Minnesota Wild got the 13th overall pick. The draft will be held in Las Vegas June 28th and 29th. Boston University Center Macklin Celebrini is currently expected to go #1 overall.

Picks in order include:

  1. San Jose Sharks
  2. Chicago Blackhawks
  3. Anaheim Ducks
  4. Columbus Bluejackets
  5. Montreal Canadiens
  6. Utah* (Expansion franchise)
  7. Ottawa Senators
  8. Seattle Kraken
  9. Calgary Flames
  10. New Jersey Devils
  11. Buffalo Sabres
  12. Philadelphia Flyers
  13. Minnesota Wild
  14. Pittsburgh Penguins
  15. Detroit Red Wings
  16. St. Louis Blues